Tools of translation: boundary constructions and ontologies

It’s the last day of our knowledge management class and I wanted to take the opportunity to reflect on my experience in this community of practice. Thanks to everyone for sharing so generously! I’ve been amazed by the diversity of the students enrolled in our class, and thus thought I would include my thoughts on […]

What’s in a word? Adventures in tagging

Following up on my last blog post, I decided to do a little more reading from linguist and philosopher John R. Searle to help me examine a specific aspect of the work of knowledge management: categorization. As a class, we have been naming things, by assigning tags, all semester long as part of our required […]

Concept mapping, a practice exercise

Liu and Lee’s paper on concept mapping has been tugging at my metaphorical sleeve since the beginning of the semester. I’ve mentioned before that I have a background in education, and the articles that resonate often with me are the ones with cross disciplinaryimplications. What makes the Liu and Lee article interesting right now for […]

Ethnography and practicing reflection

It has been a bit quiet on my end for the last few weeks (sorry, everyone), but I finally had an “aha” moment that I want to share with my cohorts. After reading Schultze’s work on ethnography, I realize that I aspire to be an anthropologist.   According to the Wikipedia entry on “ethnography,” in […]

Core values and identity in KM

It had to have been incredibly difficult to be a scientist of any type during the Stalinist regime, as was Michael Polyani. The idea under socialism, that “the interests of science would spontaneously turn to problems of the current Five Year Plan,” as he shared in the opening to The Tacit Dimension, pushed him to […]